Key Industry Clusters

Future technologies from idea to innovative product

Berlin, a globally competitive center for business, technology and creative industries has five key industry clusters: Health Industries, ICT | Media | Creative Industries, Transport | Mobility | Logistics, Energy Technologies, and Optics | Photonics. Service industries and manufacturing are also a strong part of Berlin’s economy.

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Healthcare Industries

Science & Research Capital

Berlin - a prominent international location in healthcare industries with innovative pharmaceutical, Medtech, and Biotech companies focusing their research on Big Data, Digital Health, and Telemedicine.

ICT | Media | Creative Industries

City-state Of Creativeness

The convergence of Berlin’s rich arts and cultural scene with its ICT, media, gaming sectors make for an innovative tech center that is always changing. Berlin is Germany’s start-up capital and creative center!

Transport | Mobility | Logistics

Always on the Move

A wide range of companies work in close cooperation with first-class research institutes on new technologies, concepts and system solutions for environmentally friendly, efficient and safe mobility.

Energy Technologies

Berlin – A Sustainable City

Berlin has the reputation of being a progressive, sustainable, and innovative city internationally. Its future-oriented policies and environmental awareness have resulted in Berlin being a forerunner in electromobility and energy technologies.

Optics | Photonics

Berlin Shines The Way

Photonics, the scientific and economic use of light, also closely linked microsystems technology are among the most important key technologies of digitization. Berlin-Brandenburg is a leading region in photonics and is producing new solutions and products in communication and medicine.

Service Industries

Besides the innovative clusters, Berlin is a popular location for service industries and manufacturing. Berlin has established itself as an important European hub for the services sector. More and more companies with global operations are opening service centers in Berlin and offering business services.

Manufacturing Industries

Berlin has become an attractive industrial location for innovative sectors. Currently, over 106,500 people in the German capital are employed in the manufacturing trades.