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Berlin-based App Klima puts Climate Action in the Palm of your Hand!

May 1st, 2021

Developed by an award-winning team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and creatives, Berlin-based Klima is a next gen climate app that empowers individuals to become carbon neutral at the tap of a button. Users answer a few simple questions about their lifestyle (from how often you fly, to your diet or shopping habits) to understand your annual […]

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Apex.AI expands Germany presence in Berlin

March 30th, 2021

With Tesla’s Gigafactory, in the outskirts of the German capital, Volkswagen’s software subsidiary Carmeq and Daimler’s MBition, Berlin’s importance as an innovative automotive location is growing. As the third-largest producer of automobiles after Japan and the U.S., the German government just laid out a $5.9 Billon plan to foster autonomous driving. Automotive suppliers such as […]

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