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VC Fireside Chat – 4th Edition with Ian Seltzer

August 2nd, 2023

Join us on Thursday, December 7th for the fourth edition of our “VC Fireside Chat” series, with Ian Seltzer, Early Stage Investor & Advisor and Principal @ Pierce Yates Ventures. After three successful “VC Fireside Chats”, we are excited to continue the series with another special guest speaker – New York-based VC Ian Seltzer! Don’t […]

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VC Fireside Chat – 3rd Edition with Eva-Maria Olbers

July 24th, 2023

Join us on Thursday, October 5th for the third edition of our “VC Fireside Chat” series, with Eve-Maria Olbers, Operating Partner at Point72 Ventures. After our last two successful VC Fireside Chats, we are thrilled to announce that we are continuing the series with another power woman as a guest speaker! Don’t miss this unique […]

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“VC Fireside Chat” 2nd Edition – with Jessica Robinson

March 21st, 2023

Join us on Thursday, April 13th for the second edition of our “VC Fireside Chat” series, with Jessica Robinson, Co-Founder and Partner at Assembly Ventures. Are you eager to explore the world of venture capital in the United States? Do you have an innovative idea or a burning question that you would love to pitch […]

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“VC Fireside Chat” with Danika Laszuk

February 15th, 2023

Free Q&A with VC Expert Danika Laszuk, General Manager at Betaworks Camp! Join us on Thursday, March 2nd for our “VC Fireside Chat” Q&A session with Danika Laszuk, General Manager at Betaworks Camp. In this fireside chat, we’ll discuss everything you need to know when raising in the U.S., highlighting: An overview of the current […]

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Berlin launches “Skytrain” a network to support U.S. LPs (Limited Partners) investing into venture capital funds in Berlin

June 16th, 2022

  Skytrain´s purpose is to attract more early-stage investment into Berlin by seeking out LP investors in the U.S. and matching them with Berlin-based venture capital firms. Berlin also wants to create a platform that counteracts persistent myths and fears about the difficulties in deploying capital in Germany and Berlin. The program will create a […]

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Apex.AI expands Germany presence in Berlin

March 30th, 2021

With Tesla’s Gigafactory, in the outskirts of the German capital, Volkswagen’s software subsidiary Carmeq and Daimler’s MBition, Berlin’s importance as an innovative automotive location is growing. As the third-largest producer of automobiles after Japan and the U.S., the German government just laid out a $5.9 Billon plan to foster autonomous driving. Automotive suppliers such as […]

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Lichtenberg: Home of Hidden Champions and Countless Success Stories

February 4th, 2021

Lichtenberg: Home of Hidden Champions and Countless Success Stories The centrally located Lichtenberg district, in the NE of Berlin, is a historically evolved industrial site, which combines the metropolitan flair of urban Berlin with idyllic village life on the outskirts of the city. With excellent infrastructure and transport links, Lichtenberg has become a vibrant and […]

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