Earth Day 2022 – Ori

Publish Date:  April 20th, 2022


Interviewee: Andrew Littlefield, Director of Content


What do you do and how do your activities and sustainability overlap? Would you share your opinion on climate change and on everything related to it?

Our goal is to empower people to live large in a small footprint. We believe spaces should expand and adapt to our lives, that smarter spaces can provide us with the flexibility we need, and deliver the experience we want, by transforming effortlessly—almost magically. At Ori, we create these spaces.

Simply put, our current residential development model (at least here in the U.S.) is not sustainable.

We know that people who live in urban environments have a fraction of the carbon footprint of their counterparts in suburban settings. And cities are vibrant, wonderful places to live—many, if not most, people would choose an urban environment if given an equal opportunity. The problem is that city-living comes with a lot of trade-offs. As cities attract more people, living spaces become smaller and more expensive. The trade-off is in the experience: fewer desirable spaces, with less room for everything and everyone.

If we can make cities more comfortable and affordable to live in, we can attract more people to dense developments that subsequently cut down their carbon footprint by reducing the amount of space they need to heat/cool, enabling them to utilize public transportation, walking, or biking, and bringing down construction costs for developers in order to make dense developments more attractive to them as well.

We like to challenge people to rethink square footage and realize they may not need as much space as they think they need. Making your space adaptable, whether with Ori or other products, can help you live a fulfilling home life in a smaller footprint.

Many of our employees live with Ori products themselves! We are a remote and distributed team, so most of us work from home. But rather than have large houses with extra rooms dedicated to a home office, our team can utilize their Ori products to create their home office at the push of a button, then hide it away at the end of the day.


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