Earth Day 2022 – Plan A

Publish Date:  April 19th, 2022


Interviewee: Lubomila Jordanova, CEO of Plan A


  • What does your company do?

Lubomila: Plan A is a leading corporate carbon accounting and decarbonisation software solutions provider. We have developed a SaaS platform that combines cutting-edge technology and the latest scientific standards and methodologies, certified by TÜV Rheinland. Our end-to-end software solution automates CO2 emissions calculation, carbon reduction planning, and ESG reporting for businesses.

  • What are the most urgent challenges facing climate change in your opinion and on which/what kind of solutions do you/does your company work on in particular?

Lubomila: The climate crisis is defined in large part by the growth of emissions. Therefore, one of the most urgent challenges is to rapidly reduce the emissions curve, especially for companies. And this is exactly where our software solutions come in.

Our SaaS platform serves as a data hub that sources, processes, and analyses corporate emissions and ESG data. To calculate the ecological footprint of companies, our platform follows the methodology of the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard. The software collects the necessary company data across all relevant emissions scopes (Scope 1, 2, and 3) and merges them with appropriate national emission factors and data sets. The software then calculates the emissions and monitors them over time to visualise progress and compare them to industry benchmarks or targets enshrined in the Paris Agreement.

We firmly believe that it is not enough to create visibility for a company’s current carbon footprint. Instead, our software engine actively helps companies set Paris Agreement-compliant net-zero targets and achieve them through more than 1,000 decarbonisation solutions, activities and best practices, as well as a network of service providers and sustainability professionals. These are based on the company’s emissions profile and directly address the indicators with the most significant reduction potential.

To meet the highest standards, all emissions calculations and proposed decarbonisation measures are developed by Plan A’s Sustainability Solutions team. It consists of international scientists, researchers, and experts in emissions accounting, carbon reduction, sustainability and life cycle analysis.

  • How does Berlin help you and your company to achieve your goals?

Lubomila: Berlin is one of the most vital innovation hubs not only in Germany, but in the world. It is perfectly suited for Greentech companies like us, as it combines a deeply rooted scientific expertise with a strong tech scene. Both elements are core to our business. Thus, Berlin enables us to build a powerful, passionate, and talented team and scale.

  • It is Earth Day! Do you have private hints on how to reduce our every-day carbon footprint? What do you do in this regard on a daily basis?

Lubomila: Many things can be done to reduce your own and your communities’ carbon footprint. Take this day to try to integrate something new into your sustainability practice, and encourage others to do the same. Growing the change from the bottom up and breaking down the wall of getting started is what matters most.

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