News From Berlin – Q1, 2022

Publish Date:  March 16th, 2022


In the Spotlight: Reinickendorf


Population: 266,123
Surface area: 22110,99 Acres

Reinickendorf is one of Berlin’s twelve boroughs, located in the northwest of the federal capital. Reinickendorf is characterized by globally active companies such as BORSIG, Motorola, Oracle or OTIS as well as by innovative medium-sized companies and craft businesses.

Reinickendorf is home to 46 startups, 1 VCs, 415 startup employees and 6 corporates. In 2021, around 4 million € has been invested alone by VCs in Reinickendorf-based startups.

Moreover, the destrict is famous for its extensive green spaces, water areas, traditional industrial sites, e.g. the Borsigwerke, as well as large commercial areas. Reinickendorf is also famous for the historic and very much loved Tegel Airport, which has been closed in 2020. The airport is now dedicated to innovation, which is now home to one of Berlin’s eleven “Zukunftsorte” – Future Innovation Sites: Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic and a new residential district, the Schumacher Quartier. You can read more about the future of the old Tegel-Airport below.


The historic German airport Berlin-Tegel will become a vibrant center for large and small businesses, research, development, production and science. It will be transformed into a home for 1,000 profession-hubs, 20,000 employees across many sectors and in total around 5,000 students will populate the Berlin TXL campus.

Schumacher Quartier:

Besides of these innovations, the area will provide the city with affordable housing. A new, smart residential district is planned called the Schumacher Quartier will allow Berlin to have 5,000 more homes for more than 10,000 people, together with the necessary infrastructure such as schools, daycare centers, shopping facilities and much more. In addition, 4,000 more homes are planned for the neighboring areas of the old Berlin-Tegel airport. For further info, Tegel Project.


Life isn’t just about business, but very much about art, culture and everything around it. Besides the scenic values of this district, it is full of culture, art and suitable pastime activities. In Reinickendorf, one can find Berlin’s tallest open-air gallery, the Artpark Tegel. This plot of Berlin is a true base for international artworks. Artists like Jim Avignon, street art legends like “the London Police” and “Australian Banksy” Fintan Magee have left their mark at the Artpark Tegel.

Copyright: Atelier LOIDL


The first mural was painted at Art Tegel in 2015 and the number of these street art works has been increased. The initiator of the open-air art gallery is the “Stiftung Berliner Leben”, which was founded by the housing association Gewobag. The main goal of this initiative is to support the art-community and to strengthen the sense of connection to this area.

If one just wants to seek the nature, Reinickendorf has a lot to offer. The main attraction of this area is the Tegeler See. Situated in the south-west of the borough one can find Berlin’s second largest lake. It offers with its seven islands a truly idyllic place for taking walks, taking steamboat rides and just to enjoy nature in the German capital. For more information on Berlin’s sightseeing attractions please visit the website of VisitBerlin.

Credit: Nika Kramer


For further information about opportunities in Reinickendorf, please contact:

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