News From Berlin – Q1, 2022

Publish Date:  March 16th, 2022



tenacio, a Berlin HealthTech company opens a U.S. subsidiary in New York City


Berlin-based tenacio has opened a new office in New York to grow its footprint in the United States and to forge closer collaborations with partners and customers across the country. New York is the location of choice in the U.S. primarily because the city has propelled itself into being the capital of healthcare innovation.

tenacio’s solution, OptiCor, enables health care systems to reduce cost and to improve outcomes in cardiovascular care, which represents a $1 trillion market globally. Cardiovascular disease is a major health problem, more precisely the number one cause of death globally. tenacio makes it possible to predict each patient’s individual risk for cardiovascular events. Based on their proprietary algorithm they also give tailored treatment recommendations, which increase the chance of prevention and the avoidance of devastating events like stroke, myocardial infarction, and premature death.

Georg van Husen, Managing Director, Co-founder and CEO, tenacio, recently commented:

“The access to the startup network as well as the proximity to investors and potential customers are very important to us. Also, the availability of flight connections and the smaller time gap compared to the West coast were important in our decision making.”


At this point it is good to mention that direct flights between Berlin and New York are now available again!

Dr. van Husen was excited to talk about his cooperation with HITLAB – Healthcare Innovation and Technology Lab, an impact-first organization based in New York that offers digital health research, teaching, and advisory services to improve health delivery around the world. Also, cooperating with the German American Chamber of Commerce in NY (GACC) in the exploration phase of U.S. market entry until final implementation, made the office-opening in Manhattan very much easier for his company.

When asked if the difference between the U.S. and Germany healthcare systems has influenced the decision of tenacio’s leadership, Georg van Husen, answered:

“The U.S. healthcare system is more open to innovation, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulatory pathway for digital health solutions is better defined and the private system allows for more flexibility in contracting.”

Since many other promising companies want to know details about internationalization and expansion of businesses, we tried to get an answer for “must knows”, when it comes to setting up a business in the U.S.

Thanks to Georg van Husen, we could hear his opinion about it. As he emphasized, businesses need to have “insiders” who are familiar with the system and have an established network to make introductions. According to him, it is relatively easy for a German startup to get first

meetings scheduled, but very difficult to get beyond, if the startups don’t understand decision-making processes and incentive structures.

Luckily, the Berlin Business Office, USA is there for overcome this very burden. It serves as liaison for Berlin-based companies and is happy to help by establishing relevant contacts and introductions in the United States.

tenacio was founded in 2019 by Professor Ajay Lord Kakkar, Director of the Thrombosis Research Institute in London (UK) and Georg van Husen. For questions regarding expansion and their company, please contact:


Georg van Husen

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