News from Berlin – Q3, 2021

Publish Date:  May 3rd, 2022

Who we are and what we do:

BerChain is a member-led, non-profit association based in Berlin founded in 2019 with the aim of connecting and promoting the Berlin blockchain community from throughout the blockchain ecosystem and beyond, positioning Berlin as the global blockchain capital.

As BerChain we organize science and research activities, community events, education and vocational training around the topic of blockchain through which we promote the local Berlin blockchain ecosystem. By doing so, we are aiming to create a unique interdisciplinary environment and accelerate the local blockchain community growth.

Ricardo Garcia, Vice President of BerChain e.V.


“The Berlin blockchain ecosystem is very unique in many ways. The combination of an existing tech ecosystem, skilled engineering talent, international spirit, low living costs and artistic culture is what made it the ideal place for blockchain start-ups to thrive. I am convinced that Berlin will remain a key hotspot for blockchain technology for many years to come”. Ricardo Garcia, VP of BerChain e.V.

Our future plans:

Our ambition is to expand the reach of our activities overseas and increase the connection to the local Berlin blockchain ecosystem with international stakeholders and crosssector.

We are looking to organizing more activities and events, representing the interest of the local community and also connecting further on a European level for topics such as NFTs, Sustainability, CBCDs, Blockchain for Social Impact and Gender Equality.

Last but not least we would like to continue contributing to projects in the area of science and research and education for blockchain technology.

German and Berlin Blockchain Ecosystem:

The strategic support from the government, the thriving ecosystem and the ever-increasing acceptance of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can make Germany and its capital Berlin one of the most important blockchain hotspots in Europe and even worldwide. The German blockchain ecosystem is highly diverse and active. It consists of more than 150,000 participants – experts, enthusiasts, hubs, associations, organisations and companies.

Germany has a strong and developed economy with many Fortune 2000 companies that are investing into blockchain technology. The interest sparked by large companies working together with blockchain start-ups is accelerating the speed of adoption of blockchain in Germany.

There are more than 200 blockchain startups that were either founded in Germany or have a branch there, most of them based in Berlin, followed by Munich and Frankfurt. By the blockchain community, Berlin is perceived as a unique example of a diverse, developer friendly, innovative and vibrant community which is considered to be one of the major advantages of the German blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

Blockchain projects in Berlin can be divided into two clusters – industrial-focused {B2B2C) and developer-backed infrastructure and cross-chain communities. With the launch of more stable infrastructure providing security and scalability, industrial and application focused projects will be able to user their expertise to focus more on the specific use cases and user experience.

Stefania Noemi Artusi
Association Manager
[email protected]
Tel: +49 (0)1724657719