News from Berlin – Q3, 2021

Publish Date:  May 3rd, 2022

Global tech company EPAM Systems from the USA expands in Berlin

One of the fastest growing tech companies in the world is opening a new branch in Germany’s high-tech hub. EPAM Systems announced this summer that it is expanding its global footprint by opening a new office in Berlin to deliver cloud, data and digital modernization support for German customers across a range of verticals including automotive, financial services, business information services and more. The new office expands on EPAM’s existing country presence in Frankfurt, where clients and partners include global companies like Daimler and SAP. EPAM already employees more than 150 local IT professionals in Germany – and now plans to create at least 1,000 more additional high-paying jobs in Germany.

We have been talking to Peter Kuerpick, SVP and CTO of Enterprise Platforms and Managing Director of EPAM Germany. Kuerpick, with more than 20 years of experience in software development, including 10 years at SAP, is leading EPAM in Germany.

Peter Kuerpick, SVP and CTO of Enterprise Platforms & Managing Director, EPAM Systems


BBO {Berlin Business Office): Why did you choose Berlin for the new branch?

PK {Peter Kuerpick): Berlin is an area rich with diverse talent and a growing tech ecosystem that is key to EPAM’s strategic growth. It offers a thriving, diverse IT sector for EPAM to attract top talent and grow its global footprint. The pandemic accelerated the need for corporate enterprises to expand digital modernization capabilities and

adopt new technologies and we’re looking for Berlin’s top IT professionals to help our German clients transform digitally into modern, cloud-based organizations.

BBO: Is there a special match in the spirit of Berlin with EPAM’s corporate culture?

PK: Berlin is a creative, agile and open-minded city. At EPAM, we use our creative minds and talents to invent, develop and deliver technologically advanced, intelligent solutions. With an organizational culture built on lifeĀ­ long learning and engineering excellence, EPAM offers a unique career experience for IT, software, engineering, designer, architect, and consulting professionals.

EPAM’s New Berlin Office


BBO: What is your concrete business perspective on German economy?

PK: EPAM’s expansion in Berlin is part of an ongoing strategic focus to meet the growing business needs in the German market. We’re excited to expand our global presence and serve as a strategic advisor for clients across Germany who are looking to build scalable solutions for solving their most complex business needs. We’re particularly skilled in large scale digital transformation projects including cloud migration, ERP, data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive business value.

BBO: Peter, thank you for sharing your insights. We welcome EPAM to Berlin! For further information, please contact:

Peter Kuerpick, PhD, Senior Vice President

CTO of Enterprise Platforms, Managing Director of EPAM Germany

EPAM Systems

peter_[email protected]