VC Fireside Chat – 4th Edition with Ian Seltzer

Publish Date:  August 2nd, 2023

Join us on Thursday, December 7th for the fourth edition of our “VC Fireside Chat” series, with Ian Seltzer, Early Stage Investor & Advisor and Principal @ Pierce Yates Ventures.

After three successful “VC Fireside Chats”, we are excited to continue the series with another special guest speaker – New York-based VC Ian Seltzer!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with an experienced VC from the US who can answer all your burning questions regarding fundraising / venture capital in the United States. This is also a great chance to pitch your innovative idea to an expert who can provide you with invaluable feedback. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a curious newcomer, this is your chance to dive into the dynamic landscape of venture capital in the U.S.

In this Q&A session you have the opportunity to pitch your idea, receive constructive feedback, and gain insights into fundraising in the U.S., including topics such as:

  • An overview of the current VC landscape
  • How to set your business up for success at an early stage
  • What to include in your pitch deck and the key metrics to focus on

‍Who Should Attend

Berlin-based startups / founders / aspiring entrepreneurs / startup evangelists interested in learning more about the current VC landscape in the United States.

About the Guest Speaker: Ian Seltzer  

Ian is an advisor to new ventures globally in the media, esports, sports and entertainment verticals focused on digital strategies, business development, partnerships, startup acceleration and investment. He is also a Principal at Pierce Yates Ventures with responsibility for the investment process and portfolio management of early stage companies in those verticals.

His extensive global network, cultivated through collaborations with top accelerators and universities, provides him with insights into emerging trends and opportunities.

He is a passionate advocate for fostering innovation through diversity, equity, and inclusion by mentoring female and BIPOC entrepreneurs. He firmly believes that diverse perspectives and inclusive practices are vital drivers of innovation and success.

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