What sets Friedrichshain- Kreuzberg apart from other districts in Berlin?

Publish Date:  October 27th, 2020


Population: 279.393

Surface Area 2.041 hectares

Companies: 17.838


What sets Friedrichshain- Kreuzberg apart from other districts in Berlin

Friedrichshain- Kreuzberg is located in the heart of Berlin and offers attractive spaces along the Spree River with excellent transportation connections. Once separated by the Berlin Wall, the two districts emerged to an atmosphere of cultural diversity, creative energy and constant transformation while being the smallest and youngest district in the capital with residents from over 120 countries.

With nearly 18,000 companies the “Spreeraum” is known for its Creative, Media and ICT, Service, Hotels and Gastronomy sectors. With a mixture of young and old, innovative start-ups operate alongside major players in a dense urban structure. This unique flair especially attracts companies like BASF, Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, Zalando and MTV. But the highly developed multifaceted creative scene also recognizes an increasing number of artists moving to the area which can be seen by new emerging Art galleries, fashion boutiques and music studios.

Friedrichshain- Kreuzberg has developed from a historic location for printing presses and publishers into a highly modern media center where most of the artistic and creative universities are located. The ESMOD University for Fashion for example receives international reputation, while the Design Akademie Berlin is known for its great marketing and design alumni. This facilitates venues for major international fashion brands at the Osthafen with over 15,00m2 of showrooms with a view onto the Spree. But also the music industry pioneered by Universal Music found its home in this cultural diversified district, where two-thirds of the residents are under 45 years old.

Generally, Friedrichshain- Kreuzberg is one of the liveliest districts in the city of Berlin with popular shopping streets, flea markets, antique shops, trendy restaurants and its worlds- famous club and bar scene. Every year the colorful Carnival of Cultures, International Beer Festival and Open Air Gallery takes place in the heart of Berlin and attracts citizens and tourists from all around the world. The district is also home to several leading museums like the Deutsches Technikmuseum or the Jewish Museum of Berlin and offers historical attractions like the Checkpoint Charlie and the longest existing piece of the Berlin Wall.

For rest and recreation, the Volkspark Friedrichshain and Victoria Park are right by to find peace and escape the vibrant environment next to the Spree.

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