Why Berlin?

Discover Why Berlin is Right for Your Business

For companies and entrepreneurs wanting to establish a presence in Europe, Germany's capital is a hot location - where business and technology collide! Come to Berlin where you can be innovative, agile, and successful.

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Gateway To Central And Eastern Europe

Berlin is Germany’s most international city and a gateway to Central and Eastern Europe. As the capital, Berlin is at the center of German economic and political decision making. Foreign investors and entrepreneurs benefit from being in an environment of German and global ingenuity with half a million citizens from approximately 190 countries.

Berlin is also home to 160 diplomatic missions, international business clubs, chambers of commerce and national and local industry associations. Germany’s Federal Government, Parliament, Council and representative offices of the 16 states are located in Berlin. Companies in Berlin gain a significant advantage through their proximity to policymakers.

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Well Priced For Growth And New Opportunities!

Berlin is affordable, especially in comparison to other major European cities such as London or Paris. Inexpensive apartments (including co-op or co-housing options), offices and shared workspaces are available. The average office space rental rate through the whole of Berlin is 19.15 €/m², with a top rate of 31.80 €/m² (berlinstartupjobs.com 2019).

Human resource costs are, on average, 40% lower than in other German cities, and businesses have proximity to political decision-makers, strong business networks and research institutions. Also, Berlin has extensive areas available for site-intensive projects, for example, in the manufacturing sector.

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Undisputedly Germany’s Founder Capital!

Did you know that a new start-up is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin?! According to the Deutscher Startup-Monitor 2019, Berlin has the highest number of startups in Germany. In terms of the number of employees and number of new recruits planned, Berlin also leads the way in Germany. Berlin is famous for its e-commerce entrepreneurs and has a new generation of ad tech, fintech, AI and IoT startups.

Compared to other German states, Berlin excels in attracting national and international VCs. 40% of the funding rounds in Germany go to Berlin-based companies. Berlin is Germany’s leader with 229 startups that have received funding rounds. (EY: Startup-Barometer Germany 2019)

City West
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Quality of Life

Living In Europe’s Capital Of Cool

Berlin is ranked 6th in the world for best quality of life (PwC 2019). Work and living spaces are relatively inexpensive and the tech- and service-centered economy encompasses numerous industries and research facilities that make employment opportunities diverse.

Berliners are relaxed and enjoy their unique public spaces. With almost 6 million inhabitants, it is surprising that a quarter of the area is made up of forests, parks, lakes, rivers, and canals. People can also enjoy spectacular museums, two zoos, two world-famous concert venues, three opera houses, and Berlin’s vibrant nightlife! There are also bilingual state schools, European schools and private international schools.

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Science & Research

The Capital Region – Excellence In Life Science & Healthcare

The capital region is one of the most attractive life science and healthcare locations in Germany and Europe with 600 Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medtech companies and 100 eHealth startups. There are 360,000 people employed at well-known established companies such as Bayer, Bausch + Lomb, B. Braun and Pfizer and startups such as Ada, Cara Care, Medloop Technologies, Medigo. The 2,740 digital health companies located in Berlin-Brandenburg make it one of the biggest eHealth ecosystems worldwide. And Berlin-Brandenburg is one of the world’s most prolific centers of higher education and research!

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Tech Centers & Future Tech Sites

In Berlin’s tech centers, companies and entrepreneurs thrive with shared infrastructure and various advising and mentoring programs.

Since 2017, Berlin has been working to develop 11 Future Tech Centers “Zukunftsorte” to develop centers of excellence designed to bring together the great minds of science and business. Their science-oriented infrastructure makes them the ideal home for young, technology-oriented companies. All of the Future Tech Centers are conveniently located near connective transportation hubs, as well as universities, research and academic institutions that ignite exciting new opportunities for cooperation and innovation.

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